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Modern & Mindful Guitar Lessons from a Pro Musician


Finding your musical path is hard without the right guide. Whether you’re picking up the guitar for the first time, or you’re already a seasoned player, you need relatable, modern instruction from an experienced professional who can take you where you want to go.

Max Sindermann - Guitarist, Composer, & EducatorHi, my name is Max Sindermann, and I’m a professional guitarist, composer, and educator out here in Los Angeles, CA. Over my many years of teaching, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges that hold students back from reaching their goals on the guitar.

I founded Beat Road Music to make the joy of learning guitar available to students of all ages and experience levels. By using a modern teaching method with a mindfulness approach, I’ve helped many students learn to face new challenges head-on. You too can become the guitarist you’ve always dreamed of being!

Mindful Guitar Lessons

The Mindfulness Approach

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware in the present moment. It’s about accepting our thoughts, feelings, and sensations, instead of getting caught in the continuous loop of trying to escape them. But why is this important to the guitar?

Many teachers focus on the essentials of music education, including technique, theory, and of course, practice, practice, practice. These things are pivotal to getting a strong musical foundation, but they neglect to address many of the hang-ups that hold students back from achieving success.

Frustration, fear of failure, and anxiety are just a few of the emotions students face when trying to learn a new instrument. These feelings may seem trivial, but they play a big role in how we approach the learning process. By confronting these feelings, and ultimately ourselves, through mindfulness, we can conquer these obstacles and find greater success on the guitar!

What You’ll Learn

Whether you’re just starting out or are already an experienced player, there’s something new to learn at Beat Road Music! Lesson plans are custom-tailored to fit your musical interests and goals. Take a look at some of the things you can start learning today!

Classical & Contemporary Styles

Classical & Contemporary Styles

Rock, metal, pop, blues, classical, folk, country, and more! Wherever your passion lies, there’s a musical path for you. Bring in some of your favorite songs and let’s start learning!

Music Theory

Music Theory

The mathematical language of music can be daunting at first, so let’s explore it together! Build complex harmonies, create more interesting rhythms, and learn the mechanics of how music works.

Rhythm & Lead Guitar

Rhythm & Lead Guitar

Want to be a strumming superstar? Looking to shred your way across the neck? Learn the essential roles the guitar plays in a band. You’ll be ready to pick up and start jamming in no time!

Finger-Style Guitar

Finger-Style Guitar

Who needs a pick? Finger-style guitar offers a whole range of new sounds and techniques to bring to your playing. Master the right hand and start opening up a new world of possibilities!



Sheet music: the guitarist’s kryptonite! The written language of music is nothing to be scared of. Learn the ins and outs of musical notation and how to start applying it to the fretboard today!

Composition & Songwriting

Composition & Songwriting

What will your musical voice sound like? Learn how to construct chord progressions, write awesome riffs, and sing catchy melodies. Become the artist you were always born to be!

The Remote Learning Environment

The Remote Learning Environment

Our world is constantly changing. How we learn, do business, and interact with each other is moving more and more into the online space. My mission at Beat Road Music is to meet these new demands and create an online classroom environment that doesn’t sacrifice on quality. See the benefits of The Remote Learning Environment at Beat Road Music…

A Comfortable Space

A Comfortable Space

Wherever you are, Beat Road Music can meet you there! Learn from the safety and comfort of your own home, all while saving time and money. Learn music the modern way!

Superior Audio Quality

Superior Audio Quality

To better enhance your learning experience, Beat Road Music is equipped with modern audio equipment that provides crystal-clear sound quality. You won’t miss a beat!

Video Recordings

Video Recordings

No need to take notes! At the end of every lesson, you’ll be provided with a video recording that you can refer back to whenever you need it. Learning has never been easier!


Quality guitar lessons don’t need to break the bank! I have a variety of prices available to meet your budget. Check out some of my affordable rate options below.

30 Minute Lesson

(Currently Online Only)

Our most affordable option! Great for budget learners or children ages 7-12.

45 Minute Lesson

(Currently Online Only)

Our mid-range package is an affordable solution for serious students!



I love not only sharing the gift of music, but also bringing new values and insights into the lives of my students. See what some of my clients have had to say…

“Max has been a real blessing in disguise. Not only is he an extremely kind and jovial human but he is a true teacher through and through. Max’s patience is almost as endless as his music knowledge. We are not only learning how to play guitar, we’re learning how to play WELL. He doesn’t let us skip a beat but does so with great encouragement and support.

I started guitar lessons to pick up a new hobby but ended up learning so much more. I find lessons with Max to be therapeutic and many of the lessons I’m learning go beyond the music. I’m learning to be more patient, confident, and relaxed…which is priceless to me. Thank you SO MUCH, Max. Couldn’t ask for a better guitar/music teacher.”

Marissa J.

“I spent a couple of years taking lessons from Max and am so grateful that our paths crossed. Max is patient, open-minded, and brings a great attitude and sense of humor to his craft.

I came to learn guitar because I was in the process studying to become a Rabbi, and therefore wanted to focus on Jewish music. Max took the time to learn the new music I brought to our lessons so that he could help me through it, and we also had a number of great conversations about religion and the role of music in spirituality.

Max is a gifted musician, a kind and patient teacher, and most importantly, a total mensch.”

Sarah R.

“I highly recommend Max!  A group of friends purchased a series of lessons for me for a birthday one year, and learning with Max was such a great experience that I’ve renewed and purchased more packages after that. It really was the gift that keeps on giving!

Max is a very experienced instructor who knows how to lead students of various start points. I’m a 9-5 working professional, and had had some piano experience as a kid but none on string instruments. Max got me grounded in the basics.

As someone taking guitar lessons as a hobby and stress relief, I really appreciated Max’s patience and guidance, given that he is a professional musician with a formal education in music. He was able to help me work through difficulties, as some are expected on along the way, and have the right perspective in order to progress.

As a whole, our lessons were a mix of music fundamentals (reading, tab, and even the science of music) and what I call ‘zero to 60,’ which is getting me from zero to playing songs I knew. I can now, after a year and half of Max’s teaching, play a range of music on acoustic and electric guitars. I cannot recommend Max enough.”

Jennifer L.

“My wife bought me a package of lessons a couple of years ago from Max. I had some basic understanding of guitar but never really had instruction. His approach makes learning easy and fun.

He is patient and comes up with interesting ways to convey concepts as well as technique. Max is an excellent guitar teacher and a really good guy. I highly recommend Max… he doesn’t disappoint!”

David T.

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